About IA

Illuminate Academy is a tutorial program for children with Autism and developmental disabilities aged between 3-18. Our program focuses on teaching communication and regulation within a safe and supported framework. Our academy runs from August-May, Monday-Thursday, from 8:30-2:30.


We believe the foundation to success is focusing on communication and regulation as primary objectives. -Jacquelene Nigrelli


Our educational programming framework consists of targeting:

  1. Social Communication and Emotional Regulation

  2. Acquisition of skills

To target social communication and emotional regulation, our instructors assess our learners using The SCERTS Model.

To target the teaching of relevant and needed academic and prevocational skills, our instructors assess and instruct our learners using  Unique Learning System curriculum.


Our researched based instructional techniques and programs are embedded into our student’s daily schedule. The type of program and technique is varied and dependent on the learner, but can be any blend of the following:

-Differentiated Instruction

-Functional academics

-Incidental Teaching (IT)

-Project Based Learning (PBL)

-Sensory Integration (SI)

-Community Based Instruction (CBI)

-Social Thinking Curriculum


-Verbal Behavior

and many more!