Our first step in the application process is to tour and meet with all prospective families. From there, we will meet for a family interview, have your learner visit for trial days, and finally to share admission status. As part of your admissions information, we require the completion of this application along with a $175 application fee and additional documents listed below. Questions? Email 

We are excited to learn more about your family!


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PART V: Child and Family Strength and Goals
To complete the application in full please submit the following documents to Illuminate Academy. You can mail or hand deliver documents to: Illuminate academy 1033 Burchwood ave. Nashville, Tn 37216
Please send the following assesments and evaluations (if applicable)
Psycho-educational behavioral/ aba evaluation ot evaluation slp evaluation pt evaluation gifted testing or educational tutoring evaluation developmental vision or hearing evaluation any relevant evaluations
Additionally please send:
most recent progress report most recent 504/iep/ifsp plan current writing sample (within past 3 months) name of most recent book (read independently or with assitance) application fee of $175 (check payable to illuminate academy)