Autism 101

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April means Autism Awareness month. We hope to do our part this month by sharing what we know about Autism, fostering growth, and supporting learners and their families.

First on our list? Humanizing Autism.


These two littles have a lot in common. Hair on their heads, blood pumping through their veins, oxygen running through their lungs, ten fingers, 2 feet, beautiful smiles, captivating eyes, sweet laughs, and on, and on, and on. Extremely similar in so many ways. Yet also different. One has Autism, and one does not. As contributing members to our society it is our job to support our children to be their best. That must start, where they start. That means, we remember first and foremost that these little people, or big people in our lives with Autism are p e o p l e.

We are all more alike than different.


Our support, interventions, education, conversation, dreams, goals, and more for people with Autism should be grounded in the fact that they are first people. All people have needs. People with Autism are no different. We all need sleep. We all need food. We all need nurture. We all need love. Again, beginning to understand a person with Autism first starts with understanding we are more alike than different.

Smile at someone different today and watch what happens!


Practically this look likes smiling and waving at someone different than yourself. Being open minded that that the little person melting down at the store might have an issue with transitions, favorite activities coming to an end, or that a part of the routine changed. Getting to know people with Autism and understanding Autism begins with knowing and understanding that all people are more alike than not. And being patient and understanding with the parts that are different. So, go share your may be surprised with the response!

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